Brian Kay’s Report

Duruflé Requiem and Gounod St. Cecilia Mass
Nelson Cathedral  27 & 28 January 2011


I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a week’s music-making so much. It had all the right ingredients: such a friendly gathering of like-minded enthusiasts, determined to enjoy hard work and good singing, ideal locations for rehearsal and performance, terrific hospitality, glorious weather and wonderful music.

Add to that the brilliant contributions of Bill, Paul and our soloists – not forgetting Judy’s invaluable and highly entertaining vocal coaching – and it’s no wonder that the end product was so rewarding.

With singers so eager to learn and to respond to my demands, the building process throughout the week was as fascinating as it was hugely enjoyable and the quality and variety of sounds in concert exceeded all my hopes and expectations.

For all of this and for the warmth of the welcome I received, I can’t thank you and everyone enough. It’s been a week I shall never forget and the singing all week - but most particularly in Friday’s performance of the Duruflé – will remain in my memory bank for ever. I couldn’t have asked for more. If you and Inga (who work so hard for us all) and the singers enjoyed it all as much as I did, then our labours will not have been in vain.

My thanks all round and thanks again.

All best, Brian.